Our Values

Our Mission

Offer the best experience of bird watching, nature and wildlife tours for people who enjoy watching animals in their natural ecosystems, custom-made in a professional manner.

Our Vision

To approach people in an experiential and didactic way to observe the wild fauna in its natural state, making them aware of the biodiversity that the world shares with us and that experience will return to the people committed to the conservation of all life forms of our wonderful planet.

Paraguay Birding and Nature Phisolophy

Our company was built by people who love nature. Our philosophy is to generate sustainable tourism to promote and protect our natural resources and culture.

All of the products we offer are based on the concept of Sustainable Ecotourism: a touristic and responsible modality consisting of visiting natural areas with the aim of enjoying and appreciating nature, as well as the cultural manifestations of the communities that inhabit it. This type of tourism promotes the conservation of resources, has low impact of visitation and promotes an active involvement which is socio-economically beneficial for the local populations (definition according to the UICN).

We consider that this way of doing tourism is not only an excellent initiative of sustainable development that benefits local communities, but also is an effective strategy for the conservation of natural resources of global importance.

Our Ethics in Birding & Nature Tours

Our years of field experience, having shared field trips with hundreds of professionals and clients who have already traveled around the world, in addition to having read all the existing scientific rigor materials about the use of playback to date, the photography of nature and recording fauna in general etc, has helped us to form our own ethics, which we would like to share with you: We offer an authentic experience and as naturally as possible to observe wildlife in their habitat, we minimize the use of playback , powerful artificial lights, flash and other gadgets to attract and photograph the fauna in general and if necessary we limit the time of use to what is strictly required so that both the experience of the observer and the animal observed, are pleasant and beneficial for both. Therefore, we do not touch, grab or manipulate animals in our tours because of the enormous stress that this generates in them (have you ever thought about what you would feel if a "giant animal" took you in their hands?), we do not dazzle them and we make an appropriate use of the flash, using it in a limited way and at minimum powers because it can be dangerous for the animal and we maintain a prudent distance from nests and mating sites, etc.

We share this very interesting material about the appropriate use of playback proposed by David Sibley (April 7, 2011), which is very close to what we think and develop in our field experiences. We recommend reading them. The Proper Use of Playback in Birding:

Regarding our photography tours in particular and in any of our tours where people take pictures, our ethics in this regard is as follows: https://www.audubon.org/get-outside/audubons-guide-ethical-bird-photography

We also endorse the good practices suggested in the material that we attach to American Birding Association Code of Birding Ethics: https://www.aba.org/aba-code-of-birding-ethics/

Sustainable Development and Conservation

Oscar collaborating with the Ethnobotanical Association of Paraguay, giving an introductory class to the observation of birds for children.
Raul collaborating with the Ethnobotanical Association of Paraguay, giving a class to the children of introduction to the native trees of Paraguay.

We have turned our social responsibility towards environmental education and we offer free environmental talks about the species of animals that inhabit Paraguay in order to generate environmental awareness and to communicate and raise awareness about the environmental problems of our country in schools, colleges, universities, companies, state offices, NGOs and civil associations. We organize our logistics decreasing our plastic consumption and our CO2 footprint as much as possible.

We work and cooperated with different organizations, governmental, NGOs, private owners, companies as well as committed people  in sustainable development and conservation. We visit and work with people and places that have our same philosophy of conservation of nature.

We are convinced that Science and all the data that it generates must be of public access and on each trip we find very interesting records. For this reason we share all the information that we generate on our trips on the website www.pybio.org and collaborate with several scientific web pages and share our information with NGOs, the public sector and people and institutions in general to which our photographs and audio recordings can be used. We also support citizen science projects such as the Ebird platform:  https://ebird.org/home. We promote with our customers, friends and our entire society the use of eBird so that we can all contribute to the concept of "Citizen Science". For this we upload our lists to this important database and if you take a tour with us we can share it with pleasure to your account of Ebird or the Email that you indicate to us.

We invite you to know the fascinating bird species of Paraguay through this great tool for birdwatchers:


Also, when you confirm a tour with us, we have ready in electronic format to send you the Bird Checklist of Paraguay and the regional extensions that you want to take and that we have prepared with scientific rigor. If you wish, we will print it and we will deliver it to you, but as much as possible we recommend to stop using impressions to avoid using paper, to contribute actions for a more sustainable planet.

We are committed to the sustainable development of tourism in our tours. We seek to involve people from the places we visit so the traveler can enjoy a complete experience. We believe tourism can be beneficial to all parties involved, being an economic tool for local people as a way for tourists to learn about our people and traditions.

Your inquiries will be answered with agility and responsibility, always doing our best to offer competitive and professional services.

Paraguay Birding and Nature is at your disposal - Discover us and discover a truly unknown and wonderful destination!

“Paraguay… you have to experience it!”