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Paraguay... You have to experience it!

In the heart of South America, east of the Andes and crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn, hides one of the last corners of the earth; a mediterranean country delimited by deep rivers, rocky mountain ranges and semi-deserted territories. The Republic of Paraguay extends over an area of 406.752 km2. with a continental climate that oscillates between tropical and subtropical, these mysterious lands present an amazing bio-geographic diversity in a relatively small space.

To learn what Paraguay offers, one must start by its geography. Invaded by seas and glaciers, shaken by volcanoes and covered by basaltic lava, this country carries in its skin the scars of such a volatile past. In fact, the dramatic changes of temperature, the erosion of the Andes and the inexorable course of the rivers influenced the present geological and bio-geographic configuration of this country. The Paraguay River arises in a zone that includes the east of Bolivia and the southwest of Brazil, in the superficial waters of the region known as the Pantanal, and is part of the Río de la Plata Valley. It is one of the largest and most important river of South America south of the Amazon River, draining an area of approximately 3.1 million km2. In its course towards the south, the Paraguay River divides this country into two clearly distinct regions: the Occidental or Western region, also known as the Chaco, and the Oriental or Eastern region.

Both regions are characterized by an exuberant biodiversity: with 7 ecoregions and more than 17 sub ecoregions with particular fauna, flora and geology. Such variety is due, in part, to the fact that, on one side of the river, in the Chaco, one finds the newest soils of America corresponding to formations of the Quaternary and, in the Oriental Region, one of the oldest soils of the world, with the presence of rocks in the surface that emerged in the Precambrian. In this little Noah’s Ark one  can find more to 721 species of birds, 183 species of mammals, 180 species of reptiles and 88 species of amphibian, besides the 10.000 species of major plants and more than 100.000 types of invertebrates. Paraguay, besides offering you the possibility of seeing birds very difficult to see in other places, is undoubtedly one of the best countries in the world to observe spectacular mammals in their natural habitat.

One interesting thing about this country, besides being practically a lost paradise, is its demographic statistics. On the one hand, Paraguay is an amalgam of cultures that include 17 indigenous ethnic groups (that speak five different languages), European descendants and, more recently, Asiatic and Arabic communities. This plurality of cultures allows the visitor to experience a great variety of traditions and habits that are reflected in art, food, rites and music. On the other hand, this is a country of extensive and rich territories with few people! The population density is one of the lowest in America. In the Chaco, which represents 61% of the territory of this country, inhabits only 2.8 % of the total population, which today is estimated at 8 million inhabitants.

Without a doubt, Paraguay is a country made for the enjoyment of nature. Magnificent geographical accidents and a biodiversity that still preserves its greatness allows the combination of birdwatching , ecotourism, and adventure sports. A true paradise for activities like trekking, mountainbiking, canoeing, horseback riding, rapelling, canopy, snorkeling; travels of study and exploration. In fact, there are places in this country that have not been properly studied and explored yet. During your trip, maybe you can discover new plants or insects, why not?

Come to Paraguay and enjoy its natural and cultural treasures, at the lowest prices on the continent and with cordial services you will not find elsewhere in the world!

Paraguay is a country geographically and historically hidden. Little is known or normally heard about this land. Good. Its anonymity represents its major attraction. Would you like to know why?:

Surrounded by rivers, crossed by creeks, spotted by lakes, lagoons and wetlands, Paraguay´s biodiversity is a secret Mecca for Nature lovers. Several eco-regions of global importance spread across this country of less than eight million inhabitants. Think about it. Undisturbed and diverse lands filled with amazing birds, wildlife and geological marvels, a subtropical hideout with reasonably low human population. You do the math.

- Being land-locked, its cultural characteristics have been notoriously preserved over the centuries. Today, one can still enjoy the tranquility and slow pace of its cities and towns while having access to all the infrastructure and services of any global metropolis. That is for half the price of any other regional destination.

- Its history is filled with epic chapters of wars, revolutions and colonial domination. If you thought you knew everything there is to know about history, wait until you hear these tales!

- Its relaxed people, a mixture of Spanish and native descents, most of whom speak two languages, enjoy treating visitors with the highest attention, always looking to show the best of their traditions and culture.

- Its food is almost too good to believe! Local dishes that will make any exotic food you had before look like bananas. Plus, one of the best meat-cuts in the region at a price out of this world. And great Asian and Italian food, with the touch provided by generations of Paraguayans of foreign descent.

- Besides all this…. just imagine the look on your friends' faces when you tell them you’re off to South America, to a mysterious land called Paraguay!

Want to know more about this secret "island" in the heart of South America?... Let’s go!