Birdwatching and wildlife experience in the heart of South America - Paraguay and the regions North of Argentina and Southwest of Brazil.

In order to better introduce you to Paraguay and the regions (North of Argentina, Southwest of Brazil and soon south of Bolivia) where we are specialists and organize our tours. We divide them into their ecoregions more specifically in ornithological regions, so that they can observe the characteristics of the region and its species in general, mentioning some of the hotspot sites that we visit and associate them with some of the reference tours that we have uploaded on the web in the BIRDING & NATURE TOURS section.

We have traveled through Paraguay and the region extensively; birds and wildlife fascinate us and we know where to find them. In fact, our constant personal updates of all the information of existing scientific character on the biodiversity, our constant trips accompanying biologists and birdwatchers, our constant field survey trips, as well as our relationship with institutions that work in favor of preservation, facilitate us with a constant flow of information about the distribution of birds and mammals. For a better service to the birdwatchers and photographers and knowing their necessities and expectations, we have designed different referential itineraries to visit zones where the frequency and diversity of sightings are greater. The programs can be modified to cover the specific requirements of each birdwatcher or group, prolonging or diminishing the amount of days, as well as eliminating or adding places. And while we search for birds, we also offer tours designed for those people interested in watching mammals! All of our products and services include the assessment and support of guides and ornithologists, as well as professionals who are dedicated to the research and conservation of nature.

Ecoregions in Paraguay

Paraguay´s biogeographic diversity allows for a classification of our products based on key natural areas. A common biogeographical classification used in South America divides Paraguay in seven ecoregions. In the vast Western Region are the Humid Chaco, Dry Chaco and Pantanal Matogrosense ecoregions. In the diverse Eastern Region are the Campos Cerrados, Atlantic Forest of Alto Parana, Mesopotamian Grasslands and Central Paraguay ecoregions. Our packages and reference tours are focused to try to observe the greatest amount of birds and wildlife in general that an ecosystem and a certain area can offer us. For this reason we want to introduce you briefly to the ecoregions of Paraguay and to the sites that we normally visit during our tours and that are the hotspots of the country and the region. This will greatly help you see the species of birds that have been registered in the country and by sites. Remember that we can help you put together a completely customized tour to your species expectations or the type of experience you want to have in Paraguay.

The country is politically divided into 17 departments and biogeographically into 2 major regions that contain, according to the classification that we will consider, a total of seven ecosystems of Paraguay, (six global ecoregions and one ecoregion that we take in this classification of the Eastern Region that connect in the center to all the ecosystems called Paraguay Central): the eastern region and the western region or Chaco are separated geologically by the Paraguay River that cuts the country into very different regions. Its strategic position in the heart of South America and all its tremendous paleo-geographical history makes that Paraguay converges "SIX" of the main and most biodiverse ecosystems of South America and to this we owe our great biodiversity in a relatively small territory. To give an example, from the enormous biodiversity of Paraguay that we take from the birds, the country has registered to date 721 species in 406,752 km2 while Brazil, one of the most biodiverse and biggest countries of the planet, has registered to date 1,919 species of birds in 8,515,770 km2, Paraguay being a country 21 times smaller and without having the Amazonian ecosystem, you do the calculations! With less than 400 km radius you can find 721 species of birds - in Paraguay we live undoubtedly in a truly earthly paradise.

More to 720 species of birds and about to 180 species of mammals inhabit the diverse eco-regions of Paraguay. Whether you are climbing the cordilleras of Central Paraguay, walking under the shadows of the deep forests of the Mbaracayú Reserve, contemplating the extensive wetlands of the Pantanal, enjoying the pristine waters of the Tagatiyá River in the Cerrado, or touring the immensity of that green ocean called the Chaco, the birds and mammals will accompany you every step of the way, with the echo of their chirpings, the radiance of their colors and the freshness of their flight. Birdwatchers from everywhere agree in saying that Paraguay offers the possibility of making excellent registries easily. The oscillation of its weather, between tropical and subtropical, favors a biodiversity that reflects itself in the birds and their habitats. The Great Pantanal and its complex system of wetlands along the Paraguay River, the Atlantic Forest of Alto Paraná and the spectacular Paraguayan Chaco, nourish Paraguayan birds and facilitate their circulation and distribution.

Semi deserted areas and palm savannas, hills and cordilleras, wetlands and rivers, forests and subtropical jungles, Paraguay has it all!

Ecoregions in Argentina of our Tours

To the south of Paraguay we have a vast border with the southern country of Argentina. The north of Argentina is undoubtedly the most biodiverse area of this wonderful country, especially in regard to birds and mammals. Five of the eight main bio-regions are in the areas where we include our tours; more than 700 birds of the more than 1,000 species of Argentina are here! This selection of ecosystems comprises some of the best birding destinations of north, northeast and northwest of Argentina, and all quite easy to combine with tours from Paraguay. We invite you to know these spectacular ecosystems and some of the tours and their excellent combinations that we suggest.

Ecoregions in Brazil of our Tours

To the northwest of Paraguay, together with Brazil (southwest of this country) we share some of the most biodiverse and spectacular bioregions of this mega diverse country. Very easy to combine with the tours from Paraguay, we offer you to know the wonderful and relatively little-known Pantanal and Cerrados of Matogrosso do Sul. Accompany us to discover the impressive biodiversity that these combinations of tours offer us!