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Pantanal - MS, Brazil

Pantanal - MS, Brazil

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The Pantanal or the Gran Pantanal is an alluvial plain that covers the westernmost part of Brazil and nearby parts of Bolivia and Paraguay.

It is the largest wetland in the world, located in the Brazilian Matogrosso do Sul region and reaching into Paraguay and Bolivia, with a total area of ​​340,500 km². It is possibly the richest ecosystem in the world in biodiversity of flora and fauna. The Pantanal (known by Hispanics as Laguna de Xarayes or Laguna de Jarayes, the Xarayes or Jarayes being the indigenous peoples now better known as Guatos) is supported by a depression of the earth's crust formed by the same process that gave rise to the Cordillera de las Andes; several rivers flow into it, which together make up a huge internal delta into which its sediments pour. The main one of these is the Paraguay River. It should be added that it has an average annual rainfall of between 1,000 and 1,400 mm.

During the wet season, between December and May, the water level rises to 3 m and the Pantanal floods by 80%, giving rise to a system in which the aquatic flora predominates, which here reaches an unparalleled event to any other place in the world.

In the largest floodplain on the planet, with incredible biodiversity, the Pantanal is a harmonious combination of water, fauna, flora and people.

Walking in the Pantanal is an adventure. Whether it's playing a retinue, riding a horse or a 4x4 pickup truck in water, visiting regions with lots of flowers, lush vegetation and lots of water, whether relaxing at sunset reflected in the waters of the lagoons and salt marshes, savoring the delicious Pantanal cooking, with fish, beef or lamb and many local sweets.

It is a paradise for wildlife observers and photographers, home to around 230 species of fish, 650 birds, 80 mammals and 50 reptiles. Most of the farms located in the Pantanal not only offer good infrastructure and tourist assistance, but also present ecological awareness and maintenance of the Pantanal culture.

By boat, on horseback or on foot through the Pantanal countryside, you will enjoy the flight of the herons, jabirus and spoonbills, see the colors of the macaws and toucans, enchant yourself with the Deer Moorings, Capybaras and Giant Otters, listen to the sounds of the Howler Monkeys, admire the Southern Anaconda  and the Alligators and who knows if you will see a Jaguar, the king of the Pantanal.

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