We specialize  in designing, planning and organizing customized bird and wildlife observation tours, where our detailed knowledge of the fauna of Paraguay and the region (Argentina, Brazil and soon the south of Bolivia), together with our professionalism, leads us to take care of every detail to adapt it to your needs and your way of connecting and enjoying nature.

You can tell us in detail what your travel expectations are, what species you wish to observe, at what pace, in what type of accommodations, at what cost and with what kind of travel experiences you would like to combine and we will gladly help you organize the trip to your measure or to the measure of your group. Erroneously, people usually think that a personalized tour may be more expensive, but we will show you that a customized tour does not have to be more expensive and without a doubt, if it is much more profitable! We invite you to try it indicating the characteristics of your ideal tour and we will gladly build it together. You can fill out our "Paraguay Birding & Nature custom form” or Contact us.


We are specialized in the observation of birds and wildlife of the Heart of America, Paraguay and the border areas of the sister countries that are around: the north of Argentina, the southwest of Brazil and the south of Bolivia. The birds and the wildlife in general, only know the ecological borders and this is the concept that has inspired us.

The tours mentioned in this section in Paraguay and the Region are some of the hundreds of tours that we have already successfully developed with different passengers and groups during these 20 years of experience, they are just for you to have a reference that you can do it in Paraguay and the countries that are around it, where we operate our tours. They have been selected to show you a range of options in terms of: "their duration", "the diversity of their ecosystems" and "they are 100% adjustable tours to your needs and those of your group". If you have liked one, we can replicate it with pleasure!

Thanks to the strategic location of Paraguay in the center of South America, we can make these tours to be combined with ease and to be adjusted so that they can serve as an extension of others according to the characteristics of your ideal tour. We will gladly help you build them and connect them.


Annually we organize a series of tours with dates of fixed departures, in the case that you would prefer to join small groups of bird watchers and enjoy the great diversity of birds of Paraguay and some important destinations of the Region that we also operate in a professional manner and where we have also specialized, with fantastic extension tours to your personalized tour or to the scheduled fixed departures.

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