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Our gallery is the essence of Paraguay Birding and Nature! Here in images and videos are captured those magical moments of our experiences lived in encounters with each and every one of these wonderful beings who share the planet with us, sublime moments that remain forever in our memory and that through photography we relive them with the same intensity as the original moment. A good image is not defined only by its quality, but also by the energy and beauty that it radiates and what makes the difference and is what transcends and projects. They are so powerful that they activate all the memories and also the other senses, and through them we not only observe our visual memories again, but also come for an intense moment all the backdrop: the smells, the sounds and other emotions that accompanied that experience. A good photograph has the capacity to make a tunnel of sensory time and also a springboard to our next longed-for encounter with the fantastic biodiversity that nature gives us wherever we go.  

This gallery is organized by the ecosystems of the countries we visit and the great added value is that 100% of the photographs were taken in these regions and the vast majority specifically, in the sites that we promote on our different tours. We have put our best effort so that you can see exactly some of the species that can be photographed and observed in each of the sites we mention in our travel programs. The idea is that this gallery will continue to grow and serve, not only to promote the observation and conservation of birds and biodiversity in South America, but also to educate, promote science and highlight the photographers who collaborate here. Each of the photos has a watermark with the name of the author and the logo of this project in order to protect the origin of the same, plus we thought it necessary to keep the original watermarks of the authors in the photos that contain them by way of thanks.

In this space I want to thank my dear clients and my dearest friends (many of them tremendous photographers and all great lovers of nature with whom we share this passion) who have collaborated with their fabulous photographs. More than photos, these are works of art in digital format. Their value is immeasurable; a project like this could never pay what they are really worth, for which I give my most sincere thanks to each and every one of those who have collaborated by enriching this "Jewelry Box" that exposes the biodiversity of the Heart of South America!.

Enjoy them as we do, every time we see or watch them!