Full-day or 2-day tours.

Ybycui National Park, Birds, Forests and Waterfalls.

PBNPY7_Full-day or 2 days

Just 150 km from Asuncion, this tour takes us to see a beautiful national park that conserves more than 5,000 hectares of a very interesting ecosystem that we call Forest of Central Paraguay, which contain many elements especially in Birds of the Atlantic Forest of Alto Paraná. The site has wonderful landscape beauty, as well as several species of endemic birds of the Atlantic Forest ecosystem. These are some of the very interesting birds that can be observed: White-browed Woodpecker, Spot-backed Antshrike, Rufous Gnateater, Rufous-breasted Leaftosser, Plain-winged Woodcreeper, White-browed Foliage-gleaner, Ocher-breasted Foliage-gleaner, White-eyed Foliage-gleaner, Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper, Southern Bristle-Tyrant, Gray-hooded Flycatcher, Cliff Flycatcher, Eared Pygmy-Tyrant, Swallow-tailed Manakin, Greenish Schiffornis, Rufous-crowned Greenlet, Ruby-crowned Tanager, Chestnut-bellied and Violaceous Euphonia and Blue-naped Chlorophonia with many other species of birds that will allow a very interesting list of about 70 to 100 species on average, depending on the time of the year. Walking on its trails is really nice, its streams and waterfalls are really wonderful, you will be very pleasantly surprised of this little piece of paradise.,

Tour details

  • Length: Full-day or 2-day tours (You can spend the night in the surroundings of the reserve in basic but comfortable lodgings, to stay one more day request and we will gladly give you the option)
  • Species in the trip: 300 Number of bird species expected: 60 – 110
  • Tour Pace & Walking: To get to the site, we will have about 2.5 hours in a car. We will walk on relatively flat trails with few obstacles.
  • Focus: Bird and wildlife observation. Walk in wonderful landscapes.
  • Recommended season: All year.
  • Suggested extensions: Depending on the number of additional days you have and the species of your interest, we suggest that you observe our list of Paraguay and regional tours that are easy to connect.

Ecoregions visited in this tour

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Swallow-tailed Manakin_© Oscar Rodriguez
Swallow-tailed Manakin_© Oscar Rodriguez
White-throated Spadebill_© Oscar Rodriguez
White-throated Spadebill_© Oscar Rodriguez
Black-throated Trogon_© Antotang
Black-throated Trogon_© Antotang
Burnished-buff Tanager_© Antotang
Burnished-buff Tanager_© Antotang
Sharp-tailed Streamcreepe_© Antotang
Sharp-tailed Streamcreepe_© Antotang
White-browed Woodpecker_© John Sterling
White-browed Woodpecker_© John Sterling

Top species of Birds

These are some of the very interesting birds that can be observed:White-browed Woodpecker, Spot-backed Antshrike, Rufous Gnateater,Rufous-breasted Leaftosser, Plain-winged Woodcreeper, White-browed Foliage-gleaner, Ocher-breasted Foliage-gleaner, White-eyed Foliage-gleaner,Southern Bristle-Tyrant, Gray-hooded Flycatcher, Eared Pygmy-Tyrant,Swallow-tailed Manakin, Greenish Schiffornis, Rufous-crowned Greenlet,Ruby-crowned Tanager, Chestnut-bellied and Violaceous Euphonia and Blue-nape Chlorophonia with many other species of birds.

Top species of Mammals

Brown Capuchin Monkeys.

Bird list of Top Hotspots

Tour Map

Program Summary

Full-day - Early in the morning (05:00 a.m. or earlier to have more chances to see the specialties), departure from hotel and all-day bird watching in Ybycui National Park and surroundings, return to hotel at night (09:00 p.m.)

OBS: We stop at a store so you can buy the lunch or snack of your choice.

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Important Notes

This Tours fee includes:

  • Ground transportation;
  • Reserve entrance fees;  
  • All guiding services (not including tips for local guides and services);
  • and drinking water;

The tour fee does not include:

  • Visa fees;
  • ANY flights (see above);
  • Passenger insurance. We recommend taking passenger insurance for trips to Paraguay and the region;
  • Any alcoholic drinks;
  • Special gratuities; and
  • Telephone calls, laundry, other items of a personal nature and other items not mentioned as expressly included.

* Likewise all services included and not included will be clearly stipulated in our travel agreement according to the characteristics of the tour and your needs.

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