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Humid Chaco, Iberá Wetlands - Argentina

Humid Chaco, Iberá Wetlands - Argentina

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Ibera marshes constitute an enormous wetland located in northeast Argentina, in the center of Corrientes province, and one of the wildest areas in southern South America. The marshland habitat hosts a remarkable variety of birds, many of them mainly found in this part of the world, including a newly described species: Ibera Seedeater. But Ibera is not just about marshes: other important ecoregions are found in the surroundings. The subtropical grasslands are the marshes main counterpart in the region, giving refuge to some of the most endangered bird species of the area, such as Strange-tailed Tyrant, Saffron-cowled Blackbird and Marsh Seedeater, treated mainly by habitat loss. The Espinal forest is found south of the marshes, adding a high diversity of furnarids (oven birds) and one of the most sought-after species: the endangered Yellow Cardinal. Finally, the Humid Chaco forest to the west and the Atlantic forest to the northeast of the Ibera marshes add their strong influence to the area’s biodiversity in the scattered patches of forest naturally found in the region. The Combination of all these ecoregions and their bird species makes Ibera marshes an outstanding birding destination.

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