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Cerrado - Paraguay

Cerrado - Paraguay

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In northeastern Paraguay, between the Paraguay and the Paraná rivers, one finds one of the most fabulous ecoregions of this country. The system of “Campos Cerrados”, a very particular formation of savannah that includes a mosaic of forests and xerophytic pastures, extends through a very important part of Brazil and Paraguay. Up until now, this type of ecoregion was a mystery for scientists since it is characterized by being a relatively dry area and, at the same time, having an important vegetation mass endemic in its majority. During the spring months, crossing these forests means becoming a spectator of a symphony of colors and forms played by the flora as well as by the wild life that erupts everywhere. Flocks of Peach-fronted Parakeet (Aratinga aurea) and Toco Toucans (Ramphastos toco) accompany the traveler constantly and, when heard on top of that humming silence that characterizes the jungle, in pristine places like the Tagatiyá River, they give the sensation of being in a hidden paradise of the world. This is an area rich in rivers, streams and lagoons with forests and extensive beaches of white sands. The diversity of the Cerrado makes it perfect to enjoy snorkeling, fishing, trekking, canoeing and birdwatching.

Also, in the city of Vallemí, the travelers have the opportunity to submerge themselves inside the earth and explore millenary caves where even one’s voice can seem to come from a remote past. Meet the rich fauna that inhabits these humid obscurities and witness the monuments that nature took years to build: stalactites and stalagmites adorn this true underground museum.

This region is discontinuous in Paraguay, it is surrounded by several ecotones, it has interferences to the north of the Dry Chaco, to the northeast and northwest of the Atlantic Forest in the departments of Amambay, Canindeyu and to the north, northeast and northwest of Concepción where it amalgamates with the Humid Chaco. It consists of many environments: grasslands, savannahs, forest islands and gallery forest, wetlands, mountains and represents the southwest extension of the Global Ecoregion Cerrado.

This ecoregion has registered in Paraguay a total of 454 species of birds of which 12 are considered endemic to this ecoregion at the global level. Below is the list of Cerrados endemic birds that are found in Paraguay: Lesser Nothura, Dwarf Tinamou, White-winged Nightjar, Yellow-faced  Amazon, Collared Crescentchest. Campo Miner, Russet-mantled Foliage-gleaner, Chestnut-capped Foliage-gleaner, Reiser’s Tyrannulet, Helmeted Manakin, Curl-crested Jay and Black-throated Saltator.

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