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Humid Chaco - Paraguay

Humid Chaco - Paraguay

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This region is characterized by extensive savannahs of Palms of Karanday (Copernicia alba), with wetlands, estuaries, islets of forests and gallery forests, with several rivers and river tributaries of the Paraguay River. It represents the Chaco Global Ecoregion. This ecoregion has some intromissions in the western area of the eastern region of Paraguay and is located in the southeastern part of the western region, bordering the Pilcomayo and Paraguay rivers, the latter with its pulses of floods and droughts is the one which moulds and regulates this ecosystem to a large extent.

This ecoregion has registered a total of 407 bird species, none of which is endemic, that is, they can be found in other ecoregions, but without doubt it is one of the best places to observe several rare species.

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