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Horacio Matarasso

Biologist – Owner and Tour Leader of Buenos dias Birding. Buenos Aires – Argentina.
"Upon returning we knew that we were facing one of the best kept secrets in South America: "Paraguay!!!".

“Trip Report of the trip to Paraguay – Group of Buenos dias Birding

In July 2017 we made a 9-day trip through the wild interior of the heart of the continent: Paraguay, surprised by its nature and diversity! We toured 3 natural regions and photographed some 300 species of birds, some of great conservation value, in addition, mammals, landscapes and nature reserves.

Upon returning we knew that we were facing one of the best kept secrets in South America: "Paraguay !!!"

From Asunción, we began our journey towards the north-east of the country, crossing pastures and wetlands of great wealth and starting a first list that exceeded 100 species on the first day!

One of the successes of this tour was perhaps to have someone who could be the best guide in the country: Oscar Rodriguez.

We started our adventure between Mate and Chipas, in 4x4 vehicles to visit rugged sites in the country. Arriving at the reserve of Mbaracayú, we find ourselves with the jungle in the Atlantic forest region. A great change in just 200 km, from open environments to a closed forest and very well preserved. Large amount of endemism, but above all, the opportunity for good observations to species such as Sharpbill, Scale Pigeon, Bared-Throated Bellbird, American Pygmy Kingfisher, many species of Tucans, Woodpeckers and many more!

In the rivers, the riverside jungle presents other species, such as small tyránids and numerous forest animals. Thanks to Oscar and his ability to call them we could see many of them

In the jungle margins of the Aquidaban River, the feast of their birds was an uncontainable joy, after observing more than 50 species in less than 2 hours! At night the opportunity to look for Owls and Nightjars, as the exciting experience of being in front of the White-winged Nightjar (Caprimulgus candidans) a white spirit in the night flying in the closed just a few meters !. Sadly, it is an endangered species, perhaps critical, there are less than 600 individuals on the planet, and its population decreases in the only 4 points where it still survives.

The north of Paraguay, the wonderful Apá river, border with Brazil. one of the best places on the route. In some places, the natural vegetation is the "Cerrado", a dry forest that grows until its canopy closes and a different forest forms. This time of pink lapachos in bloom was a spectacle, and in it the hyacinth macaws, spectacular, left us again detained in emotion.

The Humid Chaco in western Paraguay, east of the Paraguay River, is even wilder than the cerrado and the Atlantic forest. Its diversity also allows to add mammals, and countless species of interest.

To make this trip we had to combine rustic inns, shelters, and many rooms, where we were welcomed and entertained! The local culture is wonderful with delicious meals: lots of cassava, roasts, Paraguayan soup, incredible fruits and exquisite vegetables from the tropics, chipa and much tereré. We enjoy innumerable local foods, one richer than the other !!! thanks to the cooks of the country who honored and entertained us at every step

The afternoons were every day the time to review the list (sometimes with a beer, tereré or juices), while waiting for the homemade dinner.

Happy ... There is not another word enough to describe what was our experience of birding in Paraguay. We already dream of returning.”

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